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Navigation Fees Administration for your flight to Titus Field airport in Arthurdale

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    Navigation Fees Administration for your flight to Titus Field airport in Arthurdale ?

    Airlines are charged by Air Navigation Services ANSP in order to provide the ANSP with the tools needed to provide air traffic control services over a specified portion of airspace, generally coincident with national boundaries and domestic aerodromes. ANSP provides one or more of the following services to airspace users:

    • Air Traffic Management (ATM)
    • Communication navigation and surveillance systems (CNS)
    • Meteorological service for air navigation (MET)
    • Search and rescue (SAR)
    • Aeronautical information services/aeronautical information management (AIS/AIM).
    Aviation Navigation Fees services

    Terminal air navigation service costs and unit rates

    iJET team will take care of the two types of air navigation charges on behalf of you:

    • En-route ANS costs:
    • Each flight is characterized by a number of service units, to which unit rates apply according to the zones overflown. For a given flight, the number of service units is proportional to the flight distance and depends on the maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft.

    • Terminal costs which are related to below services:
      1. airport control services, airport flight information services including air traffic advisory services, and alerting services
      2. air traffic services related to the approach and departure of aircraft within a specific distance of an airport on the basis of operational requirements
      3. Appropriate allocation of all other components of air navigation services. This reflects the proration between en route and terminal services.

    iJET Calculate all these costs accurately in a lead time for your aircraft.

    Navigation Fees

    Air Navigation Fees Management Titus Field airport in Arthurdale?

    iJET facilitate your flight operation to Titus Field airport in Arthurdale where our air traffic and navigation fees services help you calculate any flight or navigation charges you may receive from aviation authorities as we are aware of all procedures needed to calculate charges in high accuracy considering the take-off airport, aircraft MTOW and the distance flown over the airspace iJET team can arrange all your flight navigation fees on time and in short notice in effective and professional manners. We have a wide knowledge of ICAO imposed tariffs for Airports and Air Navigation Services for each of its member countries, and we follow navigation charges updates to avoid any calculation confusion and updated CAA regulations.

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    Aircraft MTOW and Route checking to Titus Field airport in Arthurdale

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