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Air Crew Transport and Crew Security from Duda Airstrip airport in La Belle to the hotel and back

iJET recognizes the importance of efficient crew service as a critical aspect of flight management as crew members require the best possible support to perform their duties on board. iJET takes care of crew transportation and crew safety so that commercial airline employees and private jet operators can focus and dedicate themselves to their duties.

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    Why Do You Need Our Airport Transportation Service from Duda Airstrip airport in La Belle to the hotel and back?

    Our team is committed to providing safe and reliable shuttle services for the comfort of our crew, and with the goal of delivering these services as economically and efficiently as possible. We offer our crew a private ground transportation service to/from the hotel without compromising on high quality. iJET manages all crew transportation requirements and delivers this service in a timely and professional manner.

    Airline crew transportation to hotel

    Fleet of Cars and Professional Drivers

    iJET treats clients with high standards and courtesy. We have a variety of vehicles options at Duda Airstrip airport in La Belle for air crew transport ensuring crew safety, security and comfort, including mini-buses, luxury cars and VIP limousines equipped with many amenities such as tablets, USB chargers, free WIFI, snacks, and drinks.

    Safety of crew is iJET top priority as our drivers can be relied on to follow strict rules and procedures. They are trained to use all company vehicles and understand their responsibility to respect the national driving regulations, they’re also multilingual so that we ensure that interactions between crew members, drivers and dispatchers are seamless.

    Airline Crew Transportation

    Hotel Accommodations in Best Rates

    iJET arranges hotel booking service in reasonable prices that suits crew budgets which include the best facilities for their comfort while staying at the hotel after/before a long trip. Our team endeavours to obtain the best rates, benefits while book the hotel for crew members as cost efficiency are important considerations when organising air crew transport and accommodation.

    Airline crew transportation to hotel