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About Us:

In 2014, iJET Flight Support was established. As the aviation industry has developed over the years, iJET Team now provides you with the network you need to access a worldwide, specialized experience from a single trustworthy source.

We are able to stay current with new legislation and the most recent changes in regulations and regulation of the aviation business because to our extensive understanding of the aviation industry, our close relationships with local CAA around the globe, and our network of reliable suppliers.

Flight Diversion


iJET Services

International Trip Planning

We provide aircraft operators all over the world with thorough and personalized flight planning and trip support services. Our committed and dedicated team collaborates to provide you with effective services catered to your unique aviation demands for a comfortable travel for your client.

Flight Permits

With so many different variables to take into account when applying for flight permits to CAAs, overflight and landing permits are one of the most difficult requirements for any airline and flight operator. This is where iJET comes in to help with the difficult requirements and secure your permits on time, for a safe flight operation.

Flight Planning

We verify all NOTAMs for restrictions, as well as the opening times and the availability of immigration and customs at all airports involved in your travel before you set out your trip. To ensure a smooth and secure journey to your destination, we will consider the peculiarities of your aircraft while arranging your itinerary.

Ground Handling Services

Our work approach is largely dependent on working with internationally renowned, legitimate vendors who have a stellar name in the marketplace. Additionally, we continuously monitor, check, and evaluate the performance of our vendors to guarantee that the high standard of Ground Handling service is offered without interruption.

Operators can seek offers that are based on their needs, availability, price, and value for money. The operator’s preferences, current contracts, and staffing can all be considered here.

Aviation Fuel Supply

Nearly all public, private airports, and numerous military airports, offer our aviation fuel services. Because of this, it is challenging for iJET to provide fuel directly, which is why we are an aviation fuel reseller. Aviation fuel purchasing must be done carefully because it is the highest direct operating expense for any flight.


Hotel Accommodation

We provide worldwide business hotel accommodation for all flights. We offer hotel reservations for both passengers and crew, making us accessible for all flights. Our online hotel booking services will help you find affordable hotel rates. We can recommend the most opulent business hotels and provide you the greatest airport hotel discounts through our online hotel booking service.

Inflight Catering

The greatest airline catering companies, or if you’d like, the nicest hotels and restaurants in the area, are available for you to choose from through iJET. Without sacrificing the greatest level of food safety, we ensure that the catering services we offer to you are to your liking.

Aviation Security (AVSEC Services)

We provide the best AVSEC services to guarantee passenger and airport safety, to protect international civil aviation from unauthorized acts, and to maintain secure air transportation of hazardous materials.

Navigation Fees Administration

You can estimate any aviation or navigation fees you might be charged by any aviation administrations with the aid of our air traffic and navigation services. Also, You may fulfill all the requirements with iJET Navigation Fees Administration, and we’ll make sure your account is always paid and current.

Flight Diversion

Due to unforeseen events or technical challenges, iJET’s skilled team will be prepared to analyze the situation and take fast action if your aircraft needs to be routed or diverted.

Line Maintenance

Any maintenance task is performed outside of a hanger to make sure the aircraft is ready to fly. Troubleshooting, minor repairs or modifications, routine maintenance inspections, component replacements, and defect rectification are all part of line maintenance services.

Aviation Consultation

The requirements for starting a new airline, airline setup planning, aircraft selection, and service launch will all be walked you through by our advisors. To make sure that your airline is consistently the safest, most dependable, and most effective, we’ll carefully evaluate the competition.